Mari O'Dell
Artist | Designer | Creativity Coach 
"To the wise, life is a festival."

     Since my middle school years when I stumbled upon this quotation, my life has been structured to the belief that this is the truth. My artistic enchanted journey has led me through many media and many foreign lands. I have found it difficult and unnecessary to settle on just one medium, so, continued exploration beckons me daily.
     Along the way, enthusiasm for various cultures and new techniques has been expressed through teaching groups of all ages. after thirty years of public school teaching, a lifelong dream of global circumnavigation became a reality. I now share the treasures gleaned from that journey in my work and through teaching workshops at my studio, the Treehouse of Creativity, in Annapolis, Maryland and at various venues around the world. A festival consists of many diverse elements. I invite you to share my experience of this festival.

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